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    Check it out. This has to be fake:

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    Looks photoshoped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antoine of MMM
    Yeah, I figured someone would've posted an actual thread for this, so I didn't search when I didn't see one.

    Oh well, can't have too many Treo rumor threads can we?

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    I managed to smuggle this out of Palm's labs for a quick photo. It is a little grainy, but you can still make it out.

    This is the forthcomming Treo 680n. It does not have Palm or Windows, but NewtonOS. It also has a Skype client, built in Blackberry, a 5gb hard drive, and Zigbee wireless in addition to Bluetooth and EVDO. Unfortunately, it still doesn't have WiFi.
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    All right, that guy has posted a video of the phone
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    The video is real.

    I would be very disappointed if Palm stop using PalmOS all together. Wouldn't all those people who have brought Palm software get screwed over? What about the devcelopers?

    I just brought the TomTom kit I don't know if my license will work on a PPC phone.

    If they make a PPC version for Verizon and a Cobalt version for Sprint than I don't care.
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    video is real - what about the phone? it doesn't like a Palm/Treo device - more like a Samsung
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    Just because Palm is considering using Windows dosen't mean that they will abandon PalmOS. For them to simply ignore Windows is a disservice to their customers and their shareholders. Bottom line is that they have to make a profit and its simply a business decision.
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    Have you guys seen this yet? Roc a fella over at Howard Forums has pics and a video of a Treo670 in his hands running Windows Mobile 5.0 He says he is going to get his hands on a Cobalt version hopefully too...


    and the video is here:


    Article Link:
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    1.3 mp camera
    Palm Cobalt OS or Windows Media 5.0 (2005)

    The keyboard is a bit different (the video shows it). Has bigger phone buttons.

    Read the thread:
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    i hope there are two versions of the 650 or 670---one with ms and one with palm. reason being it will force palm software to get better. as of right now, the palm os developers seem not to care what else is out there

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    SO IT'S TRUE!!! Can't fake the video, but how the heck is it Verizon branded?
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    More pics posted:

    blurry view of OS details (can see that it has 32MB of ram, and the CPU model)

    whole phone view
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    With a Verizon branding I doubt that network will release it anytime soon considering they just came out with the 650.
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    COOL!!! But I can't seem to watch the video...what are you using to watch it?
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    One thing has nothing to do with the other. We'll see this sooner than everyone thinks, with lovely EV-DO speeds. hint: any large electronics shows happening in the next few months? I can think of two...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cigarster
    COOL!!! But I can't seem to watch the video...what are you using to watch it?
    Quicktime can play them, probably others. On Linux I used mplayer.

    If you have Quicktime installed, try these links for the videos.
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    Thanks perfect!
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    My skepticism has just kicked in now that I've seen the Windows flag.
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