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    I was playing around with my treo today, and realized that information does come pretty quickly too me. Im using Sprint, unlimited Data in Long Island. No more then 1 minute to get the latest headlines, weather, movie times (i prefer the yahoo portal). Email is pushed me to me through the yahoo app, and snapper checks my other mail for me every 30 min (im not a big email guy, not that important). Verichat keeps me connected to friends, and does a decent job with concerns to speed.
    My question for you is, what new capablities will High Speed data give you with your treo 650? The distinction doesn't seem as clear cut to me as when i went from 56k to cable.
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    Run bit torrent.
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    wow i didn't know what bit torrent was till i did a quick search. pretty impressive. What exactly do you have in mind though with your treo?
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    real web pages
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    More & Faster web browsing, especially the TC discussion forums when I am away form my PC.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I think TCC had the best answer yet!!!
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    I would have to say download podcasts that I can't stream and browse the web. I need a better browser though, one that can handle web pages better. Something like a palm version f Opera or Mozilla!
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    most websites i surf on the treo are lightweight and designed for that purpose. Im one of the few people who doesnt really care too much about EVDO.

    What would I use it for???

    Well I can forsee possibly

    settign up VPN on my firewall and remoting to my PC
    Hooking it up to a laptop to upload vacation pictures if I cant find a free Wifi signal
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    Is there a program let can let you download a 8MB mp3 directly to the SD card?
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    Yes, there's a program called "Downloader" that will allow you to type in any filename and have it download to the card.

    You just have to have a link to the's not like P2P or Torrent or anything like that. It just gets you around the Blazer 2MB download limit.
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    The only thing I can think of using EV-DO for is to download/stream (prolly the latter more so than the slingbox style to make the sd card irrelevant) multimedia files....other than that, I don't really see the benefit, most of my internet needs have been addressed already.

    The only thing that I'm waiting for is a Firefox browser (Minimo??) that has tabs, but I'm not gonna get that until Cobalt/Palm Linux comes out....a smartphone with true multitasking and a browser with tabs would possibly deter me from getting EVDO for several more years - at least until EV-DO is like $10 or $15.
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    Slingbox! (Of course this also requires support for the Slingbox client on the Treo.)

    Quote Originally Posted by tcc
    Probably the most honest person on this message board .
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm least until EV-DO is like $10 or $15.

    I dont think Sprint is going to charge extra for EVDO those grandfather in are in.
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    Streaming high-quality, on-demand music!

    ...the Truth will set you free!
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    Having broadband on handheld devices opens up a lot of possibilities for website designers to design high bandwidth websites that are handheld optimized. It opens up a new market.

    To just say that my needs are met misses the point. New stuff should become available because of the new capabilities.
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    Remember jstpa, people used to ask "why would anyone need a computer in their home" .
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    Seems rather expensive, $80 for unlimited access.

    They say unlimited, but we already know Sprint limites the unlimited access.

    On the treo the real slow down isn't the current internet speed, it is the browser (software). When I use my treo as a BT modem, the internet is fast enough for webviewing.
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    Keep in mind your laptop has more power than the Treo. Which also is a factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883
    Seems rather expensive, $80 for unlimited access.
    This is the same price they had for the old service. These prices are for Wireless cards, not phone plans.

    The fact this higher speed service is the same price as the old service is a good thing.
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