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    I recently got a Treo 650 thru work and the computer tech did a hard reset and told me to delete all palm files from my labtop. He then installed Goodlink software that lets me check my email and surf the web. He said I can't hotsync anymore and not to load Palm stuff on there? I don't trust him enough and that's why I'm coming to you for help...Can I use both at the same time? What if I do a hotsync? ANy help would be great and thanks in advance!!!!
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    If this isn't an official company policy, then the poor guy's just using a bit of a heavy hand to head off any future support calls. Since most problems on the Treo have incompatible or faulty 3rd party software as a root cause, he figures that prohibiting you from installing anything will prevent trouble; HotSync problems come in a close second, so that's why he's nixed that. You can certainly HotSync (actually, you should in order to make sure that your stuff is backed up to the desktop) and install applications - but, be aware, he may not be willing to help you with any future Treo problems you might might very well be on your own.

    If you don't HotSync, you really should at least install a backup-to-card app so that you can save your bacon in case of a hard reset.
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    Thanks Bill...I'll do a backup on my SD card. I'm going to try and do it and see what happens.

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