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    DA is great for what it does...wish it included movie times. Are there any similiar apps for movie times? thanks a bunch!

    Also any other must have programs in the category of DA, like looking stuff up?
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    i just use
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    meh, thats what i use now i guess I don't go to the movies THAT often to warrant it =/
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    IMHO, that's the only thing still worthwhile in Vindigo Lite (free version). Just an easier to use and quicker UI than using Blazer. If you can spare the ram, you can update it via hotsync. If not (like me), you can push it to the sd card and do a wireless update when needed.
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    Google SMS is another option for getting movie times:
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    showtimes and tickets
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    I also use Express. Very efficient data use for news, sports, movies, maps, 411, etc....

    BTW, even though I am guilty of the behavior, what is this new and growing fascination with "Treo on the toilet?"
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