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    And Noah uses a Treo 800w, though they haven't made that quite as obvious yet. (I know, wrong forum but same topic)
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    On CW, the show called The Game, the character Melanie has a Palm Centro
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    I know this thread has been dead for a while but I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread. But after reading the sightings commentary on the home page there is one that they missed.

    On the Dead Like Me DVD the reapers are given Treos and the are mentioned by name several times during the show. Not sure if they were POS or WM. Looked like my 700p.
    Treo 700p casing, with the WM screen Digitally placed on it.
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    The Celebrity Apprentice 2 -

    most if not all of the contestants are using Centros yet i see no promotion/advertising of the fact. it appears that they are provided by the show.
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    I was watching Heroes tonight and noticed that Noah Bennet was using a Treo 800W. I thought it was pretty cool.. Also Clair has a Centro if it hasn't been mentioned before.
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    That's from 2 episodes ago I think. Someone else on the show (either Nathan or that other guy who's head of the secret operation) had a Touch Diamond too. There was also a scene where Sylar and that kid were driving and there was a Dell laptop with a Sprint data card on it. The product placement in Heroes is very consipicuous.
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    The 8:00 (central) time slot on Monday nights belongs to Sprint between Heroes on NBC and 24 on Fox.
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