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    I'm a relatively happy Verizon customer whose contract is expiring soon. I've decided to get a Treo 650, but am having a hard time deciding whether to stick with Verizon or go to Cingular. (Sprint is less likely because of local coverage issues in Allentown, PA, though perhaps they are better now.) The issues, as I see them, are:

    -- Cost. Verizon is giving me a better discount, enough to account for $5 more a month for unlimited data.
    -- The Bluetooth thing. As I understand it both carriers disable DUN, so I'm not sure how this falls out.
    -- CDMA vs GSM. In theory GSM allows me to use the phone overseas (I expect to travel overseas at least once or twice a year), but the Cingular people were making noises that made it sound expensive.

    Are there other things I should worry about? Right now it seems to be coming down to Verizon costing less vs. the vague benefits of GSM.
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    ive been a Cingular customer for over 5 years. i travel between Middle tenn and eastern PA all the time with no problems. i also get EDGE speeds both places and in between. ive never had any major problems with cingular. our FW update was a bit late, but not a big deal to me.
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    First, the new Cingular firmware enables bluetooth DUN, so if that's a big thing for you, then Cingular has an advantage there.

    The other thing that you didn't mention is that I believe that there is an issue with data access while roaming with a CDMA phone. My phone is GSM, so I can't speak from experience, but it sounds like if you roam out of your home area you may loose data access. Someone with a Verizon phone can probably confirm or deny this though.

    As far as international roaming goes, it is expensive. Cingular charges range from a bit over $1 per minute for voice in europe to more than $4 per minute for other countries. There are no data plans for international roaming, so you pay 2 cents per K. However, if you have an unlocked phone (or get Cingular to unlock yours) you can use a foreign SIM card and get much less expensive rates. The only disadvantage to that is that you get a new foreign phone number with the SIM.

    Good luck,
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    I can tell you from experience. Saturday I travelled from St. Louis to Springfield, Missouri. It's 230 miles of all interstate. About 100 miles outside of St. Louis the phone changed to "extended network". I was still on Verizon service but lost all ability to get my email or anything data related. I called 611 and they confirmed this. I didn't know that Cingular data can be had in rural areas. Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri and they don't have it. Also, as BrettS said, you can unlock the Cingular and buy a sim that's good in Europe.
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    Just give 'em a the 650 and enable the roaming option ($5/mo to use up to half of your minutes as roaming, which is obviously going to be on Verizon's network).

    That way you'll be able to determine if Sprint's service is good enough now that you can save tons of money with them and get the $10/mo data plan....or if it's so bad that you'll be able to roam up to half of your minutes on Verizon's network which you say does work!

    Just try them first because of their low prices and THEN try other carriers. Just my $0.02.
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    Buyer Beware. Stay away from BOTh Palm and Cingular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You have to ask yourself this ...If you are using the phone around your area most of the time who is the best provider there. Verizon has the best Network in the east , second Cingular and third tmobile and sprint. I have Verizon for voice on a LG 6100 Triband (includes analog for remote areas) and T mobile 650 treo unlocked for voice and data. The t mobile roams on cingular and vice versa. my data side of the verizon phone works almost all the time except that all I use it for is hotmail. Verizon charges for pix . T mo is $20 a month for unlimited data at average 90 kbs in NJ and Nyc worked great in florida and works great in mexico ,spain, austria, and germany. I also buy local Prepaid sim cards if I'm going to be there a long time. There is no one system that works everywhere for the righrt price. T mobile charges about $25-40 for data in europe which incuded 15 days of service and 18 meg of data. Voice was about $1.00 a minute to US . Verizon is useless in most countries except canada, mexico, korea. and a few more.
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    bajajoe (or others in the know), what does "Verizon charges for pix" mean? (The last thing I want to do is pay for essential data transfer stuff on my phone...)

    I talked to a couple people in the area with Sprint and it sounds like they are an option. T-Mobile is not an option because of issues I had with their billing -- their computers don't like me and I do not want to tempt fate by interacting with them again.

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