Problem description: It appears that the Treo is "synching" with the software, but, I am unable to confirm this by accessing the Palm Desktop from my PC (Compaq Pressario, purchased December 2004). When I attempt to check whether the information is on the PC (and not just in my phone), am receiving the following error message:

*Error Message: "ieHost: Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly." Have attempted to also attach the error message for your review.

I have:
*had Palm OS 5.0 software (received with my Cleo) installed on this machine and working fine in the past - was deleted once I obtained the Cleo
*installed and uninstalled the Treo 650 software twice;
*installed the Treo 650 patch from PalmOne website;
*adjusted the security level multiple times with multiple different techs (have spent about 10 hours on the telephone and, the day before yesterday, $60 to resolve this problem to no avail) at HP (Compaq Presario Computer); Verizon Wireless Tech
*attempted to download all XP driver/software updates from the MicroSoft web site
*performed a virus check directly from the Microsoft website
*"cleaned up" the hard drive, ran spyware, and used the other maintenance software contained on my machine.

Has anyone encountered this problem and solved it? If so, how? Thanks, Ken