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    Okay, I'm just certain this is going to end up with me red-faced,
    but once in awhile, my Treo 650 generates a chime, followed in
    a second or two by another chime. I can't find where I've set
    any alarms or anything. Is this a reaction to it being out of some
    service area? Or what? It's annoying as heck, and I don't want to
    have to silence the thing. I figured it was alerting me to something,
    but there's no sign of it on the screen when I check.


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    System indication of no signal and the second one the signal returning as you have pondered?

    My GSM600 loses signal from time to time in my home office and was annoying me with the boings so I turned them off.
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    Launch Preferences, go to Sounds & Alerts / Application=Phone / Tones. What tones do you have for Roaming and Out of Service? Are either of those what you hear? You can turn either of both of these off.
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    Do you have VersaMail set up to auto sync? If the scheduled mail check fails to connect, my Treo beeps at me to let me know that.

    My $0.02
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    Well, so far, none of these suggestions have helped. But thanks
    a lot for trying! I just don't get this. I'll have to pay more attention
    to when these chimes happen and report back.

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    Maybe it is your Treo automatically resetting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreak
    Maybe it is your Treo automatically resetting?
    No -- it just makes those two identical sounds, evenly spaced by the
    same interval each time. It's strange and annoying. And it doesn't seem
    to coincide with being in a fringe reception area, either. And there's
    nothing amiss on the screen, either. However, I seem to recall the
    screen backlight coming on. And I'm not touching the thing at all when
    it happens. Palm-er-geists? Sort of a short chime sound, but nothing I've
    selected in the tones option dialog.


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