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    I was given a treo 600 free of charge (right price.) I have unlimited internet access via verizon. Have been accessing e-mail etc. But, what is the best browser to use with a treo 600?

    Is there a list of optimized urls' for treos I can tap into?

    What are the other best utils or apps for this beast.

    Thanks for assisting, The Watchman.
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    oh man, watch out for the "Do a search" police!
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    Watchman...we have you surrounded! You are under arrest for not searching!!
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    I've been searching, but there is so much discussion about the 650. I realize I am behind the scenes with the 600. Any old time 600 users out there that is maxing it out?
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    Try the 600 section instead of "General Treo" or 650 section.

    You can obviously find a list of websites in almost all sections......

    Just'll take you awhile, but nobody knows what you want on your phone except yourself.

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