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    I paid a lot of money for my Treo 600. I assumed that it was a product designed for business travellers & updateable. I also wrongly assumed that if I moved to another country that I could easily change my service provider.
    How wrong can you be ? The service provider says it's Palm's fault & Palm say it is the service provider. Surely Palm could have a simple system where you input your new provider & they update your phone. The insane thing is that to use the 600 updater you have to specify the update for your original provider which defeats the whole pupose.

    Great Great product ruined by poor customer service & they even expect us to pay for it !

    I waited 5 days for Palm to respond to an email How long have you waited ?
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    Who is your provider? GSM or CDMA ?

    Palm support definately isn't what it used to be....
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    Oh it gets even better Support insisted that I use the 600 updater even though my phone said that I didnt need to. They also said I must use the updater for my original network Orange Uk & not my new one o2 Ireland Result the phone has re locked itself & wont accept my o2 sim card. So I started with a phone that had problems & now thanks to support I have one that doesnt work at all.
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    You mean you don't know how to unlock your Treo 600?

    If your bring an unlocked phone to use on TMobile (or any other phone) company, they don't support it either.
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    Of course I can unlock it. If Palm messed it up they should put it right. The point is that why do we have to do the job that Palm support should be doing. I am in Ireland. Palm's European HQ is in Ireland. You can't buy a Treo In Ireland (unless you go via ebay). Surely someone in Palm could spend Ä10 on a sim so that they can provide the right settings so at least one could use the phone in Ireland.
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    im not getting the issue here.

    what are you trying to do?

    if you have an unlocked gsm phone, it should work with any gsm carrier. why do you need a software update?
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    Who needs Palm Support when you have TreoCentral!

    Good Luck with you woes
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    Palm, support or otherwise, is a good reason not to choose the Treo.

    However, one does not depend on Palm for support. One looks to the service providers and one's peers and colleagues via Treocentral. With these two sources, (non-Palm) support for the Treo is a good reason to choose it.

    All that said, it is not a valid criticism of Palm that they do not support you in changing service providers. Palm looks on the carriers as their customer. They would not want to be accused by one of their customers of helping one of their customers to defect to another carrier.

    It is the responsibility of the new carrier, not Palm, to support that move. Changing GSM carriers is simple. It simply involves getting a new SIM from the new carrier. If your Treo is branded and locked to your old carrier, the new carrier will help you get the old one to unlock the phone.

    As an international traveler, I prefer an unlocked GSM Treo to one branded and locked to a carrier. While I pay a premium for such phone, I believe that my total cost of ownership can be lower with an unlocked phone. By changing carriers as I cross borders, I may avoid some roaming and international toll charges. (on a recent family trip to Italy, I paid very high charges to to complete calls to the US phones of family members that were with me in Italy. We could have saved a lot of money if we had all gotten local SIMs.)

    If your phone is CDMA, the problem is more difficult but still the responsibility of the new carrier. Since the firmware of a CDMA phone is carrier specific, changing carriers is more difficult than with GSM. It may be easier to simply get a new phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM
    Who needs Palm Support when you have TreoCentral!

    Good Luck with you woes
    This actually sums up most Treo users..................

    We tend to be the kind of "do it yourselfers" of the smartphone world. We tend to be more figure it out, and not so dependant on "The Man".

    Now, that doesn't excuse Palm for not providing the service that is due to a $400 purchase, and maybe this is why the Treo can't quite qet over the top in the smartphone market. But I still love my Treo, and most likely will love my next Treo.
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    I cannot agree with whmurray. Palm have responsibilty for their product. One could argue that these forums give Palm the excuse not to provide customer service. I had a problem & sought Palms advise. Their "fix" made my phone inoperative. There are lots of users in forums who have had the same problem. The most ridiculous thing is that Palm's European HQ is in Ireland but you can't buy a Treo in Ireland except via ebay & you will have grief with web, email & MMS in Ireland. Most Treo purchasers will never use these forums & they shouldnt need to go here to get their phone to work.
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    Ever since the support went over seas to India it is gone to sh1t... no offence to India and it's ppl but wft... and how many ppl named Bob can answer the phone for Palm???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galwayguy4u
    I cannot agree with whmurray. Palm have responsibilty for their product........
    Well perhaps not. Perhaps I did not make myself clear. In the general case, I did not intend to argue that Palm had no responsibility for their product. I answered the question as it was asked, that is, Palm support is not a reason to do business with them. While I did not say so, I believe that Palm support is a good reason not to do business with them. I did not say it because I did not want to discourage the poster from buying a Treo. In the light of the other available sources of support, I did not believe it to be relevant to his choice. I did not do it because my mother would not have liked it.

    In the special case of supporting a move to a new carrier, I did argue that that was not their responsiblity. I have a whole drawer full of old cell phones. I never called the manufacturer to initiate service. All of the vendors, including Motorola and Nokia, expect the carriers to support such service initiation. Most customers expect that. All carriers accept it and believe it to be their responsibility. Some do it better than others but all do it.
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