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    Well here comes me the n00b questions. Please try not to squirt milk out of your nose laughing to these questions.

    1. What in the world is a silkscreen?
    2. What is this command bar i keep hearing of? How can be brought up and such.

    Thanks guys..and again watch it with the milk out through the nose
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    1. I think silk screen refers to the virtual buttons around the graffiti area on a palm device with graffiti area. The home, mail etc buttons. Some apps can be configured using a swipe from one area to another.

    2. command shows available commands (cut, paste copy, etc) and can be activated with a 3rd party app on the treo such as butler. I have mine set to activate with press and hold the menu button. There I can access pxa clocker settings or use bluefang to toggle the bluetoooth
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    A freeware program (as a Preference when installed) called FieldPlus will also allow you to open the command bar, by holding down the menu key. It's available here:
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    oh cool cool and when i get home i will get bluefang...i was looking for an app like that...however hi-launcher app said i would have to buy another app...go freeware

    i just turned it on with butler...but i noticed when i was in a memo i couldnt use it to select text...i guess i will have to go with fieldplus
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    It took me to long to type my reply but I'll post it anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    1. What in the world is a silkscreen?
    2. What is this command bar i keep hearing of? How can be brought up and such.
    Dutch is right ther silk screen is the graffiti area with the soft buttons. And I have several apps that allow me to pull up the command bar.
    Ranosoft has a few programs that in addition to their exellent features allow you to pull up a command bar.
    Treo select text

    The only thing I ever use the command bar for is to pull up a spell check on what ever text feild im in.

    From what I understand this app will allow you to pull up the command bar
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    Yeah, the silkscreen goes back to the beginings of the PalmOS when a stylus was used for all data input. The Treo have keyboards, thus much less data input is done with the stylus:
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    i just installed bluefang...and then i decided to add fieldplus...just two questions.

    1. Is it possible to re-arrange the Bluetooth icon on the command bar...with the vaja case on getting to that side is a little difficult
    2. Without fieldplus i wouldnt be able to select text like that (ie holding down shift and using the navi pad)

    thanks again

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