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    Hotsync gets stuck when it tries to sync up contacts. Tried deleting user from PC, and restoring from BackupMan backup and syncing fresh and it still won't do it. Just freezes up on both ends and they stop communicating; can't cancel it. Hotsync is pretty useless as of now. Any clue what's going on?

    Hotsyncing to fresh phone is not an option since that puts me on a reset loop. Restoring from BackupMan is my preferred method for data restoration after a hard reset.
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    2 thoughts:

    1. A corrupt contact
    2. A 3rd party software conflict.

    For #1 -- do a search for "dbcahe", some of those threads talked of this.

    For #2 -- a clean scrub install ( a fresh install of all 3rd party software -- not a restore from a backup)

    rename your backup folder to old
    programs/palm/xxxxx userid/backup ....... to backupold
    (this will take the old 3rd party installs out of the picture)
    hard reset
    resync to your user id
    you should have all of your PIM data back but no 3rd party software.
    try a hot sync now, hopefully it works
    now reinstall the 3rd party stuff

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