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    Just a thought, wondering if anyone else has ever had this thought.
    Suggestion for a new program....voice to text...yeah, how many times going down the road you get a text...then you do the right thing and wait til the next light to answer...(heaven forbid you text while driving, geez isn't that against the law!?!?!?!) anyway, I have had this happen more times then I can count, so you either wait, break the law or as I have done in the past, toss the Treo in the backseat to let the 13 year daughter to have her answer it for me...yeah, not the best solution...that leads to having to driving and trying to wrestle the treo back from the daughter or waiting til you get where your going and chase her around the car for it and threating her with no social life til she's 30 if she doesn't give it back.
    I know I'm dreaming big but heck isn't that what dreams are for.
    Anyway, thanks for listening to this Treo dreamer
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    Of course, it will have to work with your Bluetooth Headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode

    Exactly....but I only have a T600....and Voice Signal does not work on T600, I know that Voice Signal for Voice dialing works on the T650, but does it actually do the other?????? Has anyone tried it? Their website says it does...would love to hear if it does and does it correctly with little problem then I guess I will have to upgrade to a T650, (but was hoping to hold out for the new T###)

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