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    I'm thinking about making the move.

    Probably the biggest obstacle is the fact that I'm on MOU and would be forced into a data plan. Looking at the data used, I'd have to go to the unlimited. So this would be an extra $45 a month (could possibly be offset with a lower priced plan by moving us to a family share). I'd use the data more if I was paying for it.

    So what are your experiences with the two? Comparison of stability, RF, etc? Data connections work about the same (I would probably use Chatter).

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Verizon will force you to change/add data plan if you upgrade hardware? Bad deal. So what would be the net increase if you go for the upgrade and the family share plan? Could you threaten to switch carriers and keep your existing plan (don't know what "MOU" means).

    I am considering the same move in hardware but with Sprint (SPCS T600 --> SPCS T650). In your decision making process, have you considered a different carrier? I have a sweetheart deal with SPCS right now and while Verizon's reception is much stronger, I can't justify the increase in cost by switching carriers. However, you could probably benefit from a carrier-switch regarding the montly cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeantownTreo600
    (don't know what "MOU" means).
    Minutes uses minutes instead of amount of data.
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    I'm currently using the Verizon where data comes out of my minutes. If I only use it during nights and weekends, it's essentially free. This is not how Verizon intended it to be used, and as of February or so, anyone activating a PDA phone was required to add a data plan, even if only the pay-per-kilobyte plan.

    For me (2 lines), the net increase would be anywhere from $15 to $45 depending on plan changes.

    I'm happy with Verizon, and most of my friends, family and coworkers are on Verizon, so I'll be staying put.

    But I haven't made the decision yet if I want to increase my monthly outlay in order to upgrade to the 650.
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    i went through 3 600's with verizon and now have a brand new 650 from Verizon. I have had this new unit for about 2 months and I have noticed a difference. I no longer have the dreaded missed calls and the battery life is much better. The only problem I have with the 650 is soft resets every hour. I will be in the middle of a call and it will reset. Or it is sitting on my desk and it will reset. No clue as to why. I do not have any third party software installed and I quit using email to see if that was the problem to no avail.
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    Wow, that's scary.

    My 600 has been rock solid.

    I'm trying to figure out if I can add a 3rd line to test out the 650, then cancel it if i don't like it or transfer the line to the primary if I do. That way, I don't have any risk (other than actual prorated monthly cost) should I not like it.
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    I spoke with Verizon yesterday and they helped me find what was causing a soft reset after every HotSync. I was concerned that it was due to installing the Verizon software upgrade to 1.03, but it was not. It was the upgrade to WordToGo that Verizon recommended before installing the software upgrade.

    Here's how to play doctor on a Treo 650, assuming you haven't had a hard reset since your last soft reset:
    Go to the Phone app (green button).
    Enter the characters
    I did not see the phone dial a call. Immediately a text box appeared with the title "System Error Log." In clear English it told me the date and time of my last soft reset, and also the name of the app that caused it.

    Easy to reinstall when you know what the offender is. It could be harder when there is more than one offending program. I guess you could repeat the above steps. Good luck!
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