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    I am using Bob's Alarm. This product has worked perfectly until now. For some reason, when I set the alarm, the alarm goes off and all I see is the screen with no sound. The sound on my Treo is on and I hear all other sounds except when I set an alarm with Bob's Alarm and it won't go off. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Bob, the developer provides a support and development group for his applications at

    Once you have joined the group and explained your problem, Bob will help resolve it.
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    I dunno about Bob's Alarm...but that same thing happened whenever I tried BigClock.

    The problem was the keyguard. If the keyguard was on...there was no sound. Maybe that's your problem too.
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    If it is one of the later releases, the sound library was changed. You need to get the latest release of BA and the latest release of the sound library. I use BA extensively with pTunes to play voice WAV files recorded with PAR Pro. When used on my Sprint Treo 600 with a Jabra A210 and bluetooth headset, a heck of a combination. Ben
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    There are also commands affecting performance throughout BA's various menus - look there too. Ben

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