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    Just heard this....

    Do you think this is going to start a virtual land rush after the sunrise period?

    I can see where having a top level domain like this would be nice. With more and more internet ready mobile devices, website developers will hopefully consider the mobile user just as they do any normal desktop user as a "must have audience"

    But I don't think companies with a really strong name like Pepsi are really going to promote their site. I can see them using browser detection to redirect to a mobile site instead. is a much more "solid" name than using a .mobi domain. The .com is just as common now as adding a zip code to a street address.

    Who knows.....

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    Umm....the '.xxx' domain sounded like a good idea to prevent kids from lookin' at porn, but the '.mobi' idea seems retarded to me seeing as how I can see 95% (or more) of sites on my cell phone without it. Websites shouldn't be so complex and superfluous...they should have a simple design so that I can view the same thing on my desktop and on my cellphone. Japanese folks already have 3G technology and view regular websites on their cellphones without a new domain....why would we need one?

    I don't think the people who proposed this mobile domain have used a Treo before...and certainly don't know how close EV-DO is to covering the entire country.

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