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    Okay, as an owner of a Sprint Treo 650 and an avid reader of this forum, I started wondering the other night the following question. Who in this forum has been in the past, a pre-release Treo model beta tester ?

    I have read in these forums previously when rumors start of a new model, there seemed to be comments from certain posters, aka over 1000 posts, that eluded to specific but not willing to spill all the details type of comments. I am sure that if there are some pre-release beta testers for the next Treo ( 700 ? ) on these forums, they won't give up the secrets.

    But what about those who tested the 650 before its release to the public ? How does a beta tester test the new Treo in every day use without exposing the fact that it is a new model, unreleased to the public, and the fact that even if the beta tester is prohibited from talking, others around him or her certainly could speak on it ? Anyone ?

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    beta teseters are employees of palm and companies (carrier and software developers) who are involved with palm.

    im sure they are asked to sign a non disclosure aggreement (nda).

    when we do get a rumor they usually come from a friend of one of these.

    I dont remember ever reading that anyone was an actuall beta tester.
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    NDA's usually require you to stay mum afterwords too. Even if they didn't-

    if they are employees of palm they wouldn't talk about past testing to protect their job.

    if they aren't employees they would still keep mum so they stay on the list of those who keep secrets and therfore get to beta the next cool toy.
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    Soo...then how are pics of Palm devices always leaked???

    I say it's their marketing plan....but I like Apple's way of REALLY keeping quiet better than Palm's way.
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    there's always someone who leaks. Just not tons. thats all. Watergate , Iran Contra, Rove and Valery Plume (sp?), etc, etc. Those folks had far more to loose then some beta tester and they leaked...

    Also as posted above if a friend sees one thats fair game. To really test the things they need to take them out in public to see what happens in the real world. So its not like they spend the day on a lab bench or something.
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    Most leaks come from the production facilities in China where the devices are made, where the idea of copyright/respect/legal agreement are not well adhered to.
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    Frankly, if you bought a 650 the first day it became available to the public, you were a beta tester!

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    True that, Lenny!

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