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    I have a inspiron 8000 laptop with the infrared port enabled. I can do a hotsync via infrared, but I want to transfer songs back to the treo. I have the beam setting to "recieve". I already have converted the songs to .amr files. Please let me know how to beam the songs back to my treo via the infrared port. Thanks.

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    I do not have a laptop with infrared, so bear with me.

    I think you can only recieve infrared beams to internal memory on the Treo, so you will need to have that much internal memory free, then transfer the song to the sd card. (Unless a "transfer to card option" presents itself when your Treo prompts you for whether you wish to accept the file transfer.)

    Make sure "beam recieve" on the Treo is checked on(oops, you said that). Line up the infrared ports and instruct the laptop to send the file via infrared. This last part is what I do not know how to do. Is this an option that is displayed within Windows Explorer, if the laptop is so equiped?

    Cheers, Perry.
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