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    My 600 is dead so i am going for the 650. I have had my 600 for 14 mths. Heres the funny part. A sprint rep could not hold a straight face as she said this. She says that beacause i havent had my 600 for more than two years i am only eligible for a 75 rebate with a two yr contract! What crock. Here i am bringing in my phone beacause its dead, and here she is telling me about my 75 discount! People, please where is the best place to buy a 650 for under $575!!!
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    There's a thread about (I believe) that has a 650 for under $100.00 with a new 2-year contract....

    [edited]Here's the link to that thread....

    Tiger Direct
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    What does the fineprint say regarding the hardware they're selling???...Are these refurbs or returns?
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    Dudeman: do it ebay!

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