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    neat link, for all you Palm history buffs . . . .
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    Can anyone name this one (not a palm)
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    verrrry cool...

    and frightening to see how many I actually owned since 1996.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    neat link, for all you Palm history buffs . . . .
    Nice site Perry.
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    Wow nice.

    I once made a dedicated site for The Big Sleep with the same kind of grid for the "murders diagram". That Bogart movie does get confusing sometimes.
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    Well, it has not been updated with the 700W, but it is still a nice look back at our history. (See link in Post #1)

    Happy 10th Anniversary Palm !!
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    looks like 2004 were "the golden years" so far eh?
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    I have been there since the beginning. With the exception of going to WM 2005 with my Ipaq for the last 2 years, I have constantly owned and used a palm device. I still owned a palm and ipaq at the same time. But, the palm got no love during that period.

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