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    I found a Treo. It has other markings: "Verizon, Palm one." I'd like to get it back to its rightful owner. I found this site with a Google search, and noticed an earlier posting from someone who also found a Treo.

    However, I'm not even sure how to turn this thing on to get the number, e-mail, etc., of its owner. Maybe it doesn't even work. It's a bit scuffed up.

    In the other post, someone mentioned taking the phone to Sprint store; can I take this one to Verizon, and if so would they possible be able to turn it on and get it to the right person?

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    Taking it to the Verizon store is probably your best bet. They can get it charged (if necessary) and use the ESN code to identify the owner.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I'll give that a try.
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    Yes take it to Verizon, they'll take care of it. Or if the phone turns on, main screen, press menu button, go to Phone info, their phone # should be listed. Damm I wish their were more people like you.....good luck!
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    I think I pushed every button on this thing, but nothing comes on. Then again, this is the first one I've ever seen up close.

    Also, like I said, it's a bit rough looking. It was lying by the side of the road and appears to have been thrown or perhaps fallen from a moving car, so maybe it's broken. Still, it has a memory card of sorts in it so even it's busted maybe the owner would want it back. I'm sure I would.

    I'll try the Verizon store tomorrow.

    Thanks again for the replies.
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    It's great to see more and more people like yourself going out of their way to do the right thing. I truly comend you.

    Hey everyone, if you've ever lost something and had it returned you should chime in and say something nice.
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    ebay ebay ebay...jk, go to the verizon store
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    I don't think you can even ebay it... don't Verizon Treo 650's have permanent ESNs? It's not like you can switch the SIM card.
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    Yes a good person....finally. I got my sister a Treo 600 (new) & of course she lost it in flight between Texas & Los Angeles. No one knows a thing, airline won't return calls either, thanks to Sprint offering LockLine.
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    The Karma GOD will return your favor one day.
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    where in the world did "BIG UP YOURSELF" come from??

    how bizarre. who comes up with stuff like this? lol. geez.

    temporary, you're a good egg. you wouldn't believe how overjoyed you're going to make the owner of this phone when you return it to them! thanks.
    the verizon store is a good bet, since it sounds like the battery is dead
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    I found a cell phone in my back yard a few months ago and took it to Sprint to turn it in. The rep at the store was quite rude and asked "What do you want me to do with this?" I told him FIND THE OWNER AND GIVE IT TO THEM! Some people just don't get it.
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    Temporary, you're doing a good thing. You may want to press the red phone key twice in rapid succession and see if it turns on in order to get the user's phone number.
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    I think Verizon will be able to look up a person's info through the ESN number right under the battery (the damage wasn't that bad right?). You might need to go to a store as they want to see it.
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    Now we wonder.....did that phone get thrown out the window of a moving car? & why? Maybe his wife found something...... Or maybe it re-set to much.....
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    It's not that wierd... I was working at a computer shop back in college and a guy came in with a box full of parts. Apparently it was the remains of his laptop which his girlfriend (who he had just broken up with) had thrown the functional (at the time) laptop out the window while he was driving down the freeway. It wasn't a pretty picture.
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    i found a s sprint phone and a t-mobile blackberry on two separate occassions. Took them both to the store and the manager told me, in both stores, that they will probably not inform the owner, that the phone will more likely than not be scrapped for parts, used as a loner, or refurbished if it is in good shape. I was appalled that it happened twice. The second time I took the blackberry back with me, called T-Mobile and reported that I found the blackberry and they traced the esn number. The person had already replaced the phone by this time so the rep called the person and gave them my information and I returned the blackberry to them. I found out it was a work blackberry and immediately replaced by the company's IT department so there was never any out of pocket cost to the owner.
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    There are good people out there and Temporary is one of them.

    I once left my Handspring Prism in an airport main terminal. I discovered it once we took off and of course freaked out. Someone turned it in to lost and found and they shipped it to me. Unbelievable.
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    big up yourself comes from Ali G...freakin hilarious imo
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    One time, I left my cell phone in a NYC cab and knew for sure that I would not see it again. I thought I would call my number regardless as it wouldn't hurt to try. Not only did the cabbie pick up the phone, he gave me his phone number and cab #. He even offer to deliver it to me but I lived in the outer boroughs at the time. I ended up picking it up at his house. There are good people everywhere, it's just the scum and villainy that are always shown in the media.
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