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    I'm looking to buy a sprint treo 650. Does anyone know if I could get a cheaper price somewhere other than the $450 they want for it? I've heard that sometimes you can bargain with the sales rep. Is this true? Also I'm not willing to sign a 2-year contract.
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    I was lucky enough to get mine last week though a friend of mine that works for another retailer. The "homie hook-up" if you will. As far as sprint goes, you can't bargin with their sales people, belive me I've tried. I purchased my 600 through a member of t-central and got great results. I would check the market place to see who's selling what.
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    If you can get over to a business account (through sprint) you can get the 650 for $329 with no activation fee. Best price i found. Especially nice to not have to dork around with mail in rebates etc.
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    Owwww, we talked you into it

    Thats one lucky 13 year old

    But I wouldnt buy from an individual. There is no point in chancing something like this

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