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    I am having a problem with my Treo 650, that I assume is a Treo problem and not a Cingular problem. People that I am talking to can hear their own voice echo back to them. They don't hear my voice echo, just their own. Has anyone else experienced this problem and, if so, do you know of a solution? Thanks for your help.
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    Are you using a bluetooth headset by any chance? I had that problem, but only with my headset. The newest (1.28) GSM firmware fixed the problem for me. Unfortunately Cingular hasn't released their version of this firmware yet, but it should be out soon. Otherwise you can follow the instructions here to upgrade your Cingular phone with the unlocked GSM firmware.

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    Thanks. I am not using a blue tooth headset - but the problem does occur both when I am using a wired headset or no headset at all.
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    I've seen it before, and if it doesn't do it everytime, blame Cingular. I've seen it happen on non-Treo phones. Nextel used to do it as well. I think it's just a product of a trash network.
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    if your called party hears an echo, turn down the volume on the 650 using the side buttons to the 1st or 2nd level and this will do away with the echo. To compensate just turn up the volume on your BT earpeice or headset. After this, just throw the 650 out the window of your car and all problems will be resolved.
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    I have the same problem w/my new 650 (Cingular). Everyone says they hear an echo. Just ordered a Bluetooth headset, but haven't gotten it yet - this is happening with just the handset itself. I'll try turning down the volume, but I'm thinking that its just the lame Cingular network.

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