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    Hi guys

    has anyone experience with the sychronization of the pictures of a Treo 650 to a windows PC ? I ticked the box in the settings of the Hotsync on the PC but the folder seems to appear empty. Does anyone know how to get the pictures from the Treo to the PC?
    thanks in advance!

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    I usually use the internal pictures program to transfer the photos to the card and then use a card reader on the pc. Having them on the card keeps them safe during the occasional random hard resets and allows me to share them easily with friends.
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    OK, that would be a soultion. But I don't have a card reader and i also want to use the synchronize functions. any ideas??
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    A Look under your Palm desktop does not reveal a media button? From there you can "edit " each picture and save it to your hard drive (my pictures for instance) where it is saved as a .jpeg
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    I have the Media app on my Verizon Treo 650.

    The photos in the MyPalmPhotos folder inside the My Documents folder can be synced. If you wish, the photos can live on the SD card in the Treo rather than filling internal memory.

    You may need to borrow a card reader, or use a program like FileZ to create the folder on the card that images need to be stored in (is it /DCIM?).

    As you may have noticed from these comments, I have not used the camera very much and have little knowledge about photos created on the Treo.
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