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    Anyone know of any tools to do this? possibly theme packs or what not? I just ordered the 650 but have never been a big fan of the palm os... sure it's functional and works well, i want something that also looks good... ideally if i could make it look like WinCE/Windows Mobile i'd be happy. I'm expecting some of you to "flame on" however it's true... the palm gui has never looked good!

    Yes imho looks are just as important as functionallity.
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    or LauncherX
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    Please search next time. This one of those topics discussed extensively...

    There are alot of 3rd party launchers for palmos that can change the way the OS/GUI look and function. Zlauncher is popular here b/c of the file manager etc integration. LauncherX is also another in additon to others. One very customizable launcher is ispin which you can make almost exactly like XP fyi...
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    HiLauncher is what I use. It's like the windows start menu except more customisable (I wish the stupid windows start menu let me change the color like HiLauncher).

    The reason I use it is I want something so easy all of my friends can follow. I can live with the extra click.
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    I vote search, then Zlauncher, in that order.
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    wow, great stuff!!! looks like i'll have some fun creating a custom gui. Thanks for all the great advice!

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