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    I have this coworker who just got his treo earlier this year he has Cinglar and I have Sprint well a couple of week ago I told him about Pdanet since Cinglar doesn't have a patch for dun yet he has been using Pdanet. Well last week he came in to work with this little crappy Cinglar cellphone in his treo case, so I ask him where is your 650? He said "I let my wife take it on a trip with her so she can use the internet". Well to make a long story short after I laughed for about 3 days at him everytime I seen this little cinglar piece of junk in this huge Treo 650 case and him being without his 650 for the rest of the week I would like to know would you do that? what would you do for love?

    To go on the record my wife would not get my 650 I don't care for how long not a day not half the day it's not going to happen

    How about you
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    I have to agree with you on that one. I will not let it out of my sight.. If it turns into a never ending rant about it then I will just have to buy her one.
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    Not an issue here. My old T3 sits in the bottom of her purse with the battery drained.

    If she would use one, I would get her one.
    If hers broke, and she needed one for a business trip b4 we could replace, sure, I would loan her mine.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Before someone could borrow my 650, they'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex
    Before someone could borrow my 650, they'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!
    amen to that!!!
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    People get lost with all the security on my Treo, so they never ask to borrow it. :P
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    I bought my wife a Treo the minute I saw the slightest interest in mine.
    That and the fact that it would be a benefit to her.

    But as far as lending mine out, in my right mind I would say sure I would lend it to my wife if she needed it... But something happens to me when people get to close to my Treo... I start to lose all sense and rationale... everything gets blurry and I start to sweat...and then I am ready to protect it with my life.

    But at least I realize that I have a problem...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NaptownBlack
    ... I would like to know would you do that? what would you do for love? ...How about you
    Well, if hubby wants one he can buy one but as far as how far I'd go. I quit a job, sold EVERYTHING I owned and jumped in a little Metro and drove 1,400 miles... for love. Was still 300 miles away and tired of driving so moved another 120 miles closer, and 5 years later, after he moved to Florida, packed my bags again.

    No, I didn't puppy dog after him - he moved to Florida after being offered a great job and his family had already moved down here. I tried the flying every 6 weeks thing and just got sick of it.

    Now we're married, and he's just 10 feet away.

    But if he shows any interest in a Treo, he better dip his hands into his wallet!

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Sure I would. If my close friends need to use the GPS for 1 day or so I can lend out my Treo. As long as he/she has a unlocked GSM phone I can use. If they lose it they will have to buy me a new one.

    Now if I have a huge 2GB SD card and I have some porn on it, I would think twice.
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    let's see..... i've had my 650 for 8 months, and been married for 13 yrs. I would have to say that I love my treo, but I love my wife more. (plus she's hot!)
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    Nope she can't borrow it, i'd have to buy her one.
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    My wife has no interest in any kind of "tech-weeny", her words, gizmo. This is a good thing for me because there is no way I could live without my laptop, t650, dcamera ect.ect.
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    she only touches mine to play solitaire and bejeweled
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex
    Before someone could borrow my 650, they'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!
    I'm definitely not that serious about it. The only thing my friends truly understand that my phone's capable of is making phone calls. If they don't have their phone on 'em, it's dead, or they just plain ol' don't have one...I'd gladly let them hold it for a minute.

    As for letting my significant other take it for 3 days...not just no, but HECK NO!!
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    ...about 2200 miles, give or take... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPcrazyfly
    she only touches mine to play solitaire and bejeweled
    Lol that sounds so familiair!

    My wife has my 'old' sony UX50 but is always complaining it never does what she wants... I had to buy her MyWeek because the palm PIM doesnt have an weekly view. I have to agree that is a big minus point, we both use MyWeek now..
    But she uses it to play bejeweled most of the time.. and gets really snotty when she beats me out of the high score list
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    My wife bought me the 650 for my birthday...and kept the 600 I had. Problem solved. However, when we go out together for dinner, movies, etc., we normally take just one phone. So I would have to say that if the need came, yes, of course she can use it.
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    I'd definately let my wife use mine if she needed it. After all, she lets me use her V710 when I go out on our boat and don't want to bring the Treo and risk a Treo accident. If she really needed it often, I'd buy one for her.

    What can I say...............she's a great wife, best mom in the world to the kids, smart, a hottie, and........she does some things for me that my Treo can't do

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    I would install VeriCrash (his word, not mine) on my Treo...though my previously perfect and stable "precious" now experiences freezes, spontaneous resets and "white screen" at least ten times a day. Whatever it takes to be with him anywhere, anytime is worth it...

    And of course...about 2200 miles, give or take...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    ...about 2200 miles, give or take...
    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130
    And of course...about 2200 miles, give or take...
    I'm back!
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