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    I have somewhat complicated issue. I recently replaced my Treo 600 with a new one because of the phone buzzing noise. Now I want to migrate everything on my old one to the new one. A few issues:

    1) The two 600s have different hot sync user names.
    a) Is there anyway to do a recovery restore via a hot sync without changing the user names?
    b) If not, is there any way to change the user names without completely wiping everything on the new Treo?

    2) Both Treos are set up with Goodlink through my company (though one has version 4.0 and the other has 3.7). I don't need to recover the Goodlink info (e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc), just my SMS messages, my call log and some third-party programs.
    a) Can I just recover the SMS messages and the call logs without having to do a complete restore? If so, I can beam the other programs, re-register them and call it a day.
    b) Will the complete restore necessarily wipe my Goodlink set-up? Anyway to skip moving over anything associated with Goodlink?

    3) I'm syncing the Treos with 2 computers: my desktop at work and my laptop at home. All the Goodlink info is sync'd with my work computer and I'm trying to sync everything else with my personal laptop. Is Palm desktop the best way to sync at home? Do I need Palm desktop, Pocketmirror, or anything else even, or is the HotSync Manager all I need?

    4) Lastly, I have an SD card in the Treo. Is there anyway to do the back-up with just a regular SD card or do I have to use a PC?

    Thanks for any help you can give on any part of this issue.
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    All your complications seem to stem from the fact that someone gave your replacement Treo 600 a username. I presume this was the person who installed GoodLink. I suggest you may a backup card for your GoodLink installation (this is a built-in function for storing your installation on an expansion card). Then hard reset the Treo and synch everything back from the former user name. Then restore GoodLink from the backup.

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