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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss

    I hope you're right as well. However, the idea of a WiFi stack so you can use and SD card would be a real turn off to me - put thr WiFi radio INSIDE the phone where it belongs. We don't need stuff to hang out and keep track of. I can see it now: "Okay, where did I put that WiFi card, and do I have all my data on it or the other WiFi card?"
    I totally agree with you. Not sure if this means anything or not, but sure means it's possible. (I think)
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    Quote Originally Posted by imageone
    Not sure if this means anything or not, but sure means it's possible. (I think)
    This is good news for Qualcomm, but Palm always lags behind in this type of advancement. So, I'm not getting excited about this for Palm anytime soon.
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    Palm OS5 is not that advanced. No multithreading, its buggy (My T5 crashes like anything).

    You try to locate tools to help you for development on Palm.... what commercial options do you really get? Even CodeWarrior people stopped working on Palm.... they are no longer doing any development for Palm environment.... what you get is old and is only available through their dealers. Also Palm Source is purchased by a Japanese company, meaning Palm OS is no longer near and dear to Palm (that is why it changed its name back to Palm from Palm One)

    So currently WM5 is a better platform, only question is are they going to be like HP adding native WM5 to their Treo hardware or something really different… like the Mac. If like HP then the product is doomed. So I think there will be some value addition… like there can be a Palm layer.

    They had previously announced that they will be shipping a Palm 68K layer for Linux based devices like Motorolla PDAs and Smart phones (that also runs on ARM). So if they can port for Linux then they can also port it to for WM5.

    I am speculating if they port (or already done/doing) their 68K ARM layer to WM5 then...
    We can run Palm apps also on the new device so PPC or Palm you have all the choice. Java layer is already present. This may lead to higher price of the device as 2 OS will eventually get licensed.

    And if this is true then it becomes a killer!!!!

    You will get Palm+Windows+Java

    Currently their actual rivals are not Microsoft.
    Blackberry and (Nokia) Symbian OS is the actual competition that has a much faster growing base. So if PalmWin becomes a reality then …. I do not know what will happen to Symbian and Blackberry. (Linux will survive in any case)

    Akhilesh Singh
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