Excellent weather site that is very Treo friendly (most of the graphics on NOAA's website):


To see bigger photos, you can set the Treo browser to "Wide-Mode." This makes text harder to read, because you have to scroll left & right, but you can see larger pictures; move the picture around with the stylus, so you can see different parts. In addition, the "disable photos" option needs to be unchecked in order for them to be displayed (In the browser - Options/Preferences/Advanced):

To set this:
Hit the "Option-Key" (this is the kidney shaped key to the upper-right of the 5-way pad).
Select Options.
Select "Wide Page Mode" or hit the W-key.

This link also works in your normal computer browser and is super-fast, because of the streamed-lined graphics.

Also, NOAA's WAP site link (not as good as above, because the graphics are very small):


God's Speed to you and your family - Kevin