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    Was watching todays TdF coverage (stage 7?) on OLN while I was riding my own stationary bike and I heard the unmistakable sound of that Treo interference from the BROADCAST: "dit-dit-dit duhn-duhn-duh -dit-ditt- duhn-duhn-duh- dit-dit-dit"!

    Anyone else hear it? I even backed Tivo up to make sure I wasn't hearing things.

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    Hehehe... I didn't hear it, but I don't believe it's Treo-specific. I used to get the same thing from my SonyEricsson T68, though not as loud as with the Treo.
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    It could have come from your own treo and you just recorded it on your TIVO?!?
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    It's more of a GSM thing than a treo thing.
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    It is a GSM Cingular BB used to do the same thing.
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    "dit-dit-dit duhn-duhn-duh dit-dit-dit"
    This is Morse code for S.O.S.
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    not treo specific and not gsm specific.

    i've had it happen on verizon and sprint and cingular.
    several different phone models, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy
    This is Morse code for S.O.S.

    Help! I am stuck in my treo and can't get out
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