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    Governments shutting down cellular services will have no affect on satellite transmissions; as a result, this is the time to have a satellite phone handy just in case regular land and cellulr lines will be down for awhile. Maybe cost you a little cash, but these phones work anywhere!
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    From the BBC: the government denies shutting down the mobile phone service. I flew here (London) from Dallas on Friday (leaving on cruise tomorrow). You would hardly know that anything happened in this city. The Queen cruised down the mall today in an open top car....pretty impressive given what just happened.

    I read another article today that said that joked that the bombs were on timers as even the terrorist knew the cell reception in the tubes was very spotty.

    Here's the article..........................

    Mobile networks bear blast strain
    Mobile phone networks are recovering after struggling in the hours immediately after the London blasts.
    Networks in London were running at near capacity as those caught up in the chaos tried to call family and friends.

    The surge in the number of calls being made meant that many people had trouble getting through first time.

    To limit congestion, network operators urged those using their mobiles to keep calls as short as possible following the explosions across London.

    Domino effect

    There were three explosions over 30 minutes during the rush hour on trains on the Underground network. Another blast ripped the roof off a bus in the centre of the city.

    More than 30 people were killed in the explosions on the Underground.

    We're asking that people only make essential calls to limit the congestion
    BT spokesman

    People in the capital, anxious to know the fate of friends, relatives and employees, found themselves unable to make or receive calls or send text messages.
    Network operators said they had boosted capacity to handle the surge in calls, but asked that people refrain from making unnecessary and lengthy phone calls.

    O2 said it had doubled its network capacity, while Vodafone said it had also increased capacity and had freed channels for use by emergency services.

    Shortly after the explosions, a spokeswoman for Virgin Mobile, which piggybacks on the T-Mobile network, said: "There are so many people making calls at the moment it is taking a while for people to get through. The volume of calls has really surged."

    Many of those caught up in the chaos who found that the mobile networks were down reportedly went into shops to beg the use of a phone.

    Essential calls

    Terrorism expert Professor Michael Clarke from the International Policy Institute at King's College London, speculated that the problems might be a security measure.

    "I've heard rumours that the mobile network is down, possibly shutdown," he said.

    "This could be because the MO (modus operandi) in Madrid was by setting off devices with mobile phones."

    But mobile firms denied that the government had used emergency powers to shut down the networks.

    A spokesman for Orange said it had not been asked to suspend its network, and said any problems people were experiencing were due to call volumes.

    The problems with the mobile networks has had a knock-on effect on fixed lines phones.

    A spokesman for BT said that so many people were turning to fixed line phones once they found that the mobile network was down that it was running near capacity too.

    "Due to the sheer volume of calls, the network is experiencing some congestion problems," he said.

    "We're asking that people only make essential calls to limit the congestion," said the spokesman.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2005/07/07 16:35:41 GMT

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    Quote Originally Posted by nunoste
    I understand that for security reasons, the officials in London shut down the cellular networks, preventing people from calling home, the office, etc. If such an event would happen here (I live in Los Angeles), would we be able to send emails if we couldn't make phone calls? Does anyone know of any emergency ways to contact family if they shut down the cell network?
    Find the nearest burning item, take your shirt or pants off, then wave said articles over burning item, this way you could send smoke signals to family members.

    Really though I would try and find a pay phone near by.
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    how do you double capacity?

    and if you can double it, why no let be that way all the time?
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    Cell phones work in the Washington DC Metro system. The network is owned by Verizon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    how do you double capacity?
    Switch in circuits normally used for stand-by. and divert bandwidth from other services.
    and if you can double it, why no let be that way all the time?
    If everything was on-line all the time, you wouldn't have any spare capacity to deal with unpredicted peaks, any stand-by systems to switch in during maintenance or planned down-time, or any contingency resource when live systems fail. A fully resilient network needs at least two of everything - and often three (one live, one hot-swap, one spare).
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    Cell phone links disabled in New York tunnels

    Monday, July 11, 2005; Posted: 2:44 p.m. EDT (18:44 GMT)

    NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Cellular phone service has been shut off in four busy New York commuter tunnels since last week's deadly blasts in London, officials said Monday.

    No specific reason was given for the move but cell phones have been used to trigger bombs in the past.

    Cell phone service is disabled in the Holland and Lincoln tunnels that connect Manhattan to New Jersey under the Hudson River, the Midtown Tunnel to the city's Queens borough and the Battery Tunnel to Brooklyn, officials said.

    The move came immediately after the bombings in London Thursday, said a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees operation of the Lincoln and Holland tunnels.

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    Typical knee jerk reaction from the government as usual. How could they know what set the bombs off when their investigation is not completed? For goodness sakes, they blame Osama Bin Laden and muslim extremists for every problem in the world. When most likely, the terrorist(s) likely works for the government.
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    I gotta have more cowbell
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    Quote Originally Posted by nunoste
    I just talked to my father in law, who is in the cellular biz and he said that SMS messages were working even though voice was being prioritized for city officials, first responders, etc. This is only what he heard, but it would be nice to confirm for the future. Why would SMS work even though your voice is not?
    Because SMS travels on the same carrier that the phone uses to check for a network connection, rather than making a new connection every time. It's possible that the phone networks can prioritise the actual calls because they need to establish a 'line', whereas an SMS message just uses the same frequency the phone uses to establish a link to the nearest base station and so therefore can't be prioritised.

    This doesn't mean SMS messages would always go through in these circumstances as the network would also be flooded with SMS data as people will try that when they can't get a voice line out.

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