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    HotSync operation started for machx on 07/06/05 23:57:30

    Outlook Calendar
    The conduits were unable to attach to Outlook, possibly because the logon was canceled or otherwise failed. Synchronization failed.
    OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
    - Not Synchronized
    OK Outlook Calendar with 1 message(s)

    Why would this happen?

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    Not sure. Did the rest of the Hot Sync go okay? Do you have to have Outlook closed during a Hot Sync?

    Cheers, Perry
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    There is an option to in the hotsync manager to Enable Synchronization when Outlook is offline. I wonder if that is the problem?
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       #4 theres no errors, I dunno what I changed at all.
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    This happened to me...apparently, it is caused by a corrupt record usually passed by Outlook to your Treo. You have a couple of choices....If you back-up regularly, you can restore to an earlier back-up, but you will lose any info after the corrupt record was introduced. If you know what records you added, you can try deleting them one by one, but this is a real pain.

    I basically decided NOT to sync with Outlook, as I've had this problem on a couple of other devices. I got a program called SwitchSync Ex which updates both the Palm desktop and Outlook, but I set it so that the Handheld overwrites Outlook.

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