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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    Don't Verizon and LG have some kind of close contract so that LG makes some Phone exclusively for Verizon? I wonder if LG is going to make Palm Smartphones exclusively for Verizon. That would suck..!

    LG makes exclusively licensed phones for both Sprint and Verizon.
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    I hate to rain on everybody's parade (I know, I know... here comes Mr. Doom & Gloom) but look at all the phones that LG has produced for us here after licensing the Microsoft and Symbian OSes for their phones. Are there ANY? Seriously.

    Dutchtrumpet, what does your wife have? Anybody else.

    I'm not saying I want a Microsoft or Symbian based phone, but I am saying that if LG actually decides to release a PalmOS phone..... for us, here in the US..... with the interface that PalmOne developed ó which, if you remember, is a different company from whom they are actually licensing the OS from (that being PalmSource), then maybe that could be something good.

    Until I actually see results, this means nothing to me. I have little confidence that anything substantial will materialize from this big announcement, an announcement that LG themselves has yet to even issue a press release on. It's as if they just want to have something to draw on in case they one day suddenly decide to manufacture a PalmOS based phone on a whim. It seems clear to me that LG is a different kind of company than these other phone manufacturers. This announcement doesn't even mention the terms. In fact, I bet LG is not even required to manufacture one single unit that uses this OS. I bet this agreement just gives them the permission to do so should they choose to in the future.
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    On the plus side, if LG is going to use the Palm OS in a phone, they will probably use version 6.1 (Cobalt) since that has been designed for the phone and they don't have to tweak it as PalmOne has done (with great success I might add, well... except for the 650).

    Edit: Ehhh, who am I kidding, this will never happen.
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    Seems to me as well, it can only be a good thing. It means more users, more development, more software applications, higher customer service expectations, etc.
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    I feel that LG will def use the linux flavor of the OS... They could use a screen like the MPX220 (QVGA) and build a great phone. Hell if they can build the OS into a watch they can make it in a small flip phone.

    I sure hope they don't have just CDMA phones. That would suck seeing how only the US and one company in Asia are using CDMA and the rest of the world is using GSM.

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    LG phones are actually pretty good. See the PM-325 from Sprint as example.

    You are confusing LG now with the crappy 1980's Goldstar TV you owned :-).

    This could be either nothing news, or good news. At the rate P1 is going, LG may be the first ones to make a decent Cobalt smartphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkC
    It will be good to see what they can come up with, but looking at their (rather slow) web site it seems they have a nasty addiction to flips and antennae.
    Blame the antennae on CDMA (most of LG's phones are CDMA). Even PalmOne seemed to add an Antenna to the Treo / GSM model, although I'm not sure why.

    Flips? I kinda like 'em. They let me pretend I'm Captain Kirk.
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