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    Just curious as to how many of you carry along a spare "normal" phone with you when you're on the road? I lug along my trusty Nokia 6610 just in case. Its proven handy when the Treo dies (I'm on my 3rd), or when I can't get a signal.
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    No, I travel light as possible. That is why I went to the 650 from my Palm T3 PDA/Bluetooth cell phone combo. The 650 has never died on me, although, when a day trip turned into a 3 day (and I had not brought my wall charger), I did stop into a Sprint Store for a quick fill up (charge).

    Cheers, Perry.
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    nope... I don't carry a spare phone w/ me.
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    Never. I'm on 650 #1. She may reset every once in a while, but never let's me down as a phone!
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    Nope, I live and die with the Treo...hopefully more of the former!
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    Nope. I mean, thats one of the selling points of the stop shopping...I dont want to take anything with me (including my laptop )
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    Just the Treo. Sometimes a laptop.
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    I carry on old Samsung 8500, not because of the Treo though. I live in Kentucky and sometimes the cell phone coverage is very weak in rural areas. The Samsung 8500 is digital and analog which helps.

    The one thing I have notice in the past six months is that my Treo 600's ability to call in these rural areas via digital roaming is significantly improved. I believe one of the reason's is that a local cell phone companies (Bluegrass Cellular) recently changed all their towers from TDMA to CDMA. So I believe the credit for this improved signal really can be giving to Bluegrass cellular, not Sprint, but I have my Samsung 8500 just in case I find myself without a digital signal.
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    The reason I bought my first palmphone (Kyocera 6035) was because I didn't want to carry two devices. I still feel that way.
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    Only my Treo 650. I got rid of my T2 and Samsung phone to have a single device. I travel quite a bit with much of it internationally and have never had a phone issue or had the device die on me.
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    Well like the others, I ALWAYS have my Treo 650 with me, however, I also like to carry my other phone my back pocket just so I can be cool.
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    I always have a spare.
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    Always a spare. Somewhere close. Recently I have begun carrying a Nokia 1100 GSM unlocked in my left front pocket - just in case. In the future, I may have the Treo with Chatter and EDGE pulling down my email 24/7 and a MotoA630 for IM and phone duties. But until then I LOVE my T650 and I shall not let it go. It truly is the all in one wonder device, and I have been using Treo's since the T270GSM, so I'm not new to the platform - they are just closer than ever to perfection.
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    Always. Been burned before, also, I have multiple sims for different countries so making local calls do not cost me a fortune. Keep my TMO sim in the 650, and local sim in my MOT Timeport 280. The MOT also serves as a backup for the 650.
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    I don't internationally travel, just in the Northeast. I almost never have a signal issue with Cingular. I'm not worried about losing the cell phone function, but I do carry my "standard" planner with me, just in case a reset issue wipes out my info on my Treo.

    So no, Treo only.
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    I only carry a spare when I travel to Europe, I use a local sim in it to avoid the expensive calls.
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    I don't really travel, but I have a spare phone, several actually. There are times when its nice to have just a small little flip phone in my pocket. I love my Treo and wouldn't trade it for anything but that spare phone and GSM comes in handy
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    What a waste of space carrying an xtra phone!!! One phone is enough....with the Treo, I often will leave the laptop at home. If I only had WiFi or EVDO, the laptop would be nearly obsolete (IMO)
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    When traveling alone, I have my Treo and (sometimes my laptop if it's a weekday).
    When traveling with my wife, she has a BB and brings her laptop.
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    We have mounted in our RVing vehicle a 1980's bag phone, with a high gain external antenna. It is not activated but still can dial 911 in an emergency or use a credit card to place a call. Just in case we are in a remote area with only service, we still can get help if in a pinch. You can get them on eBay for a buck.

    As far as a real cell phone when flying etc, nope, I am hoping for the best. Worst comes to worse, I probably would try to find a sprint store and get transfered to a different cheap phone.
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