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    I have a BB in my bag (in case my Treo mail craps out on me), which has a phone, but I don't know how to use it.
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    I love my Treo, but I still carry another phone for those times when the Treo will be too big. I got to a lot of evening concerts that makes the Treo a little large to carry. I basically use my Treo as a connected PDA, and talk on my cell phone.

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    Depends on what you mean by "spare". I got my GSM treo so I could use it overseas, but prepaid local SIM's are MUCH cheaper, so I use my old Roadpost GSM Nokia (cancelled the subscription when I got my Treo) with a prepaid local SIM for local calls and my Treo for incoming from home when I'm overseas.

    For travel between cities in NA, I don't find I need a spare, but when driving, some areas have only analog coverage and I noticed my old PCS phone (now used by hubby) gets a signal where my Treo doesn't. If I drove a lot (which I don't) I'd expect I'd want to have a spare.
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    i carry a tiny verizon phone in my bag, for those sprint dead zones.
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