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    Hi Everyone,
    Newbie here....I am a realtor and I use software called "zipforms" to enter and print client information, forms and contracts. I have this software on my desktop computer.
    I would like to know if I can transfer this software to my Treo 650 so that when I am at a clients house I can pull up "zipforms" on my pda/cell, type in the info and send the forms to a wireless printer and have the client sign them on the spot. (Does the Bluetooth feature allow you to send letters or info to a Bluetooth enabled Printer).

    1. Can I add "zipforms" software to Treo 650
    2. Can Letter be wirelessly printed using Bluetooth

    Thanks in advance
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    1. It sounds like zipforms is a PC program, not a Palm program (so probably not). Are there ways to do what you want with Docs to Go? Maybe...Im not sure.

    2. With printboy, you can wirelessly print via the IR port (Ive demo'd it and it worked great on my HP laser at work). As far as BT? It probably possible. Try a search on it.
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    Contact the manufacturer of Zip Forms. If you look at their website you'll see that there is a version called ZipFormOnline - maybe that could be a solution if it's not too "heavy"?

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