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    I see today that Samsung Electronics signed an agreement with Motorola to share mobile technology.

    Not only is this a cross-licensing agreement to try and avoid costly legal disputes over intellectual property, but it also has the invariable outcome of Motorola automatically becoming a Palm licensee out of neccessity.

    I really feel sick to my stomach. PalmSource really seems to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get any sort of momentum going.
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    You think that's their "Major Tier One Carrier" announcement? A RAZR form factor, PalmOS phone with a keyboard like the pics leaked last week would be rather cool, I think.
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    Well, that would be nice but what I am inferring here is that Motorola has no intention on releasing a Palm OS device.

    This "big win", as stated by PalmSource executives, is merely incidental in that Motorola becomes a Palm OS licensee as a result of this pact that they signed with Samsung over the weekend. It means nothing to further the growth of Palm OS products and to substantiate the importance of the OS when you look behind the scenes.

    I mean... assuming Motorola IS their "big win".
    It hasn't officially been announced yet.
    I COULD be wrong.
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    Yeah, you could be wrong.
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