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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Don't mess with c00ld00d. As you can tell by his screen name, he's one of them ther l337 types. Ph33r m3 c0z u sUx0r!!!!oNe11!! 1 ru13 n00bz!
    huh? translate, please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAOSWLF
    What are you 12?? You plan on buying all the stuff needed for it and try and locate a Start up CD for your machine so you can hotsync all your PDA info? Going to go through all that trouble? I'm calling Bull...t

    Your story is a phony and you my friend need to find better things to occupy your time then coming to forums where educated people converse about technology, and make up ridiculous stories for attention... Maybe you were not hugged enough... maybe the popular kids picked on you too much... Whatever your issue is, Grow up and keep your make-believe time stories to the only person who cares... yourself.

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    any chance this is ttrundle?
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    ttrundle has a little more class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hsk
    huh? translate, please?
    I found this Treo, but I ain't giving it back because...well...because I want it. It's MINE!! MINE MINE MINE!!! And I can't afford to buy one, cuz my mom only gives me like ten bucks a week for my allowance, well, fifteen dollars if I count my lunch money, so you can't make me give it back. I'm c00l dammit, and you all are the sux! Now leave me alone, I gotta call Nextel and get this Flux induction working....


    (Mods can we close this thread now, before I really open the can of whoopass?) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Same guy perhaps? How many folks have a handle like c00ld00d??

    This guy is a troll who is a stupid unscrupulous one at that too.

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    well if its the same guy, he has loser down on many fronts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    l337 types. Ph33r m3 c0z u sUx0r!!!!oNe11!! 1 ru13 n00bz!

    Quote Originally Posted by hsk
    huh? translate, please?
    Let me try, I love Insertionisms,,,

    Hummmm,,,,I got [ c0z u sUx0r ]=(because you suck or) [ !!!!oNe11!! ]= (this translates to excited/mad, its in Insertions sig, the jeep thing, to firggen hyped to push shift 0IIIIII0=!!!!oNe11!!-shift key ) and [ 1 ru13 n00bz! ] = Are you a 13 year old noobie.

    How did I do Insertion. Psssst hit ivethousandfa on ulijay wentyfithta

    Just kidding thats not my bid
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