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    I just bought a Treo 650 (nice equipment), which was an upgrade to my PocketPC + phone combination. I love having only one piece of equipment instead of two bulky ones.

    I kept quite a few files on my PPC in the Word format that I now want to move to my Treo. How do i do it?

    I tried beaming them. Didn't work (unknown file type). I tried to find where the Sync'ed to my computer but can't find them for the life of me. I "cut" and "pasted" them to a "memo" file, but Palm still wouldn't read them.

    Any ideas on how to easily get them off my PPC and on to my Palm easily?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Your Treo should have came with Docs To Go on the CD. This will let you work on Word and Excel Files. Make sure they're in .doc format and not .psw The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    i was Beaming Contacts to our new Pocket PCs at work today..worked well..i also sent pics and the Pocket PC accepted them, i jus couldnt find them??
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    Insertion: I do have Docs To Go on my Treo. I figured that would make it easier. My PPC files were .doc files, but the Palm still wouldn't accept them. I think Docs to Go "converts" them while they are on the Palm.

    Anyways beaming ".docs" to my palm didn't work. It refused. Good suggestion though (was the same thought I originally had).

    CPcrazyfly: Yeah. I can do contacts without a problem, but that won't get a document across. I have considred creating a new, "blank" contact and cut'n'pasting the file into the "notes" area. That might work as a workaround. hmmmm.... ghetto, but maybe....

    thanks for the ideas so far.

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    I'm no expert on this by far, and others here can probably say why this wouldn't work. First transfer the files from your PocketPC to your desktop PC and then make sure they can be opened by Word. Once opened in word, save them the way word would save any file as a "word document". Then, on your PC open the Documents to Go program and add the files. Then, I would think, they should be on your Palm after the next sync.
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    Hey RickMG,

    Yup, that is essentially what I am doing. I copied all the files to an SD card that were on my PPC. Then I popped the SD card into my Palm to see if they would just open and save time. No Luck.

    Now I copied all the files to my computer, and I am adding them to my Documents To Go Program. It seems to convert most of them all right. Sometimes my PPC would create an odd text/.doc hybrid file that I have to open up word and physically convert.

    It seems to be working. And it is probably less work than beaming each file (close to 50).

    Thanks for the help. I am just glad to be able to preserve all my files.

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    Doc to go shouldnt convert the files if you save them on your SD card when syncing them. Doc 3 go should read word files natively. so if u get one via email, you should be able to read/edit and sent it back without any convertion.
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    Try e-mailing it as an attatchment to your Treo and see if Doc to go will open it then.
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    Deja Vu? Guys, please use the search button located on the top panel. Quoting Insertion:

    "And do yourself a favor, download the Tech Tool:
    To keep from eating up RAM"
    -->BtDUN pre- and post- SprintPCS update 1.12 paired to PC and PPC.
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    Thanks for the help. I ended up saving them to an SD card from the PPC, moving them to my computer and then adding them to Docs To Go.

    I have no idea why D2G wouldn't read them natively, but it wouldn't. It would start to open them and then stop. When I was transfering them I saw that the PocketPC saved them as "Pocket Word" files, and not "pure" files. Weird. For whatever reason, the normal methods did not seem to work. (and yes, I am quite computer literate)

    And PDA_Jedi, I did search. If you actually read my post, you will see that your posts did not answer my questions (I checked your links). I know how to use D2G. I have already used the tool to avoid precious RAM loss. I know what I am doing, but the normal methods weren't working. The "search tool" is not the END ALL answer to everything (although I do use it for quite a bit), sometimes NEW threads must be started. I mean you no disrespect as I have read your many other posts on here, and you are almost always overly friendly and helpful. But, I hate when people automatically jump on the "use a search button" attack while assuming the person hasn't already done that.

    But, anyway, problem solved. Now if anyone else has a problem converting PPC files to a Palm (and not just playing with .doc's) they can use the SEARCH function to find MY thread. :-)


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