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    (1) How do you save Word/Excel documents to Treo650? I want to save my resume and other critical docs and use the Treo basically as a complete mirror/backup device in case my PC's harddrive fails.
    (2) Would you recommend I save my critical documents to the internal memory or to a memory card?
    (3) How do you save a doc to the memory card vs. the internal memory?

    I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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    DataViz DocumentsToGo should have come on the included CD:
    -->BtDUN pre- and post- SprintPCS update 1.12 paired to PC and PPC.
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    And do yourself a favor, download the Tech Tool:
    To keep from eating up RAM The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."

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