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    The Treo 650 is my first PalmOS device. I was just getting used to it and now this:

    PalmSource will no longer work on PalmOS, but will focus all its efforts on a Linux platform. I guess Palm will be have to use Windows Mobile on their new hardware sooner than I expected since their current OS is dead.
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    So much for a Treo using Cobalt.
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    This has been in the works for quite some time now. It could be a very good thing since Linux is open source with more developers and it's still not windows. I would expect Palm to make this an easier transition for all of us by making it easy to transfer our information and retaining a similar user interface. I've always felt the Palm OS had too many limitations.
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    the Treo 650 is my first PalmOS phone and it will be my last.
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    the os built on linux will have the same ui basically as the current palm os. It's the guts of the OS that will change.
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    Why is it the pundits are always saying the next Treo will be Winblows mobile.

    They have been working on a Linux-based OS for some time now, it's stupid to use that as an argument to claim their next Treo will be Windows. Ugh.
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    As long as we get a Linux image that runs on Treo 650, I'm fine with that

    I know only the "next-gen" smartphones may be based on Linux, but it's a good direction for better quality smartphones. More software, better development and debug tools, better networking, better memory management, more usable multitasking and hopefully faster ROM updates. You will see many more shadowmites

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    Palm OS is not dead....they are just changing the kernel. Most end users will not see any difference in the OS. It will look and feel a lot like Cobalt.

    This is a good move by palmsource, if they can execute. Solid and proven Linux kernel with ease of use Palm OS UI...I will take it over windows mobile and symbian anyday.
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    Reading the link above "....the company was now focused on what he called 'the broader mobile phone market,' which includes smartphones and so-called feature phones. Feature phones have some PDA features, but aren't as powerful overall as smartphones". This gives some credence to the fact that PALM is looking at a simpler version of the 650 for the masses.

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    This is old news.

    "Palm OS for Linux -- It's a Good Thing
    A Brighthand Editorial
    By Ed Hardy | Editor-in-Chief
    Dec 12, 2004

    Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard by now that PalmSource is going to base a future version of the Palm OS on Linux."
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