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    I have my volume set down to just 2 bars or so because that's a comfortable volume for me (and I normally have my home phone volume maxed). Am I the only one who gets awesome volume on my 650? I had speaker phone on yesterday two counts below max, outside in a parking lot and everyone walking in and out of the building could hear the party I was speaking with.

    I've rarely had to put the volume past the half-way mark, with our without a headset.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    You must have very sensitive ears.
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    Not at all. A little hard of hearing actually. That's why I keep saying "huh" when I read all these threads about the volume.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    From all the treads and posts on TC, you are difinitely in the minority.

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