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    I'd like to buy a Treo 650 for Verizon but I cannot have a camera in my phone/pda. Anybody know when the 'without camera' option will be available for Verizon? Nobody at Verizon or PalmOne seems to know. Thank you.

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    Ahh, yes. It's the dilemma of the incompetent and know-nothing tech support/representative.
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    How about a nice sticker over the lens/mirror area? It's not a camera if you can't get images with it.

    Oh, and move the app for Camera to "Unfiled."

    My workplace hasn't banned camera phones (yet), but this feature is a concern of mine. Employers, operators of locker rooms, etc., have valid concerns and they have the right to (over)react.
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    Courts and companies/areas with classified work will prohibit, even with a sticker or tape over the lens....

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