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    I got this right from Palmone them self's:

    One day. Seven countries. More than 125 bands. On July 2, 2005 music, activism, and blogging collide at Live8. This global music event will be attended -- and documented -- by bloggers around the world, and with your Treo smartphone in hand, you can stay right on top of all the action, thanks to a special Treo smartphone-optimized website, created in partnership with Technorati. Whether you're a music lover, blog enthusiast, socially conscious or all three, you won't want to miss this event.

    More Info:

    Visit the smartphone-optimized website
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    We get to read about it live? What fun is that? I want to hear it live on my Treo!
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA
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    I'll be there, too bad they can't figure out a streaming video solution for it, what a great way to publicize the treo.

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