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    I am taking a trip the middle of the week using SouthWest Airlines and I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with the flight attendants and the Treo since our last conversations back in April. Several reported back then that Southwest attendants would not allow you to use your Treo in flight even though you could show the phone was not turned on. I like to watch movies on my Treo when travelling and would like to know going in if there have been any problems as of late.

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    My only problem with SWA is finding the so called $79 flights they advertise. Doesn't seem like they have too many of them available.
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    I haven't flown SWA, but have had no problems on American. Two things that may help. Hold your Treo in such a way to hide the antenna and hold the stylus in one hand.
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    I'm not sure about SWA as well but I know that on United and American, I read in their flight magazines under PDA's and electronics allowed that phone pda combinations are allowed as long as the phone is off. Next time you fly, read their magazine instructions.
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    Here's the policy from their website. Doesn't look good.

    Electronic Devices


    Portable devices that may be operated at all times inside the aircraft: hearing aids, pacemakers (and other implanted medical devices), electronic nerve stimulators, and electronic watches may be operated at any time.

    Portable devices that may never be operated inside the aircraft: hand-held scanners, two-way radios, remote controlled toys, wireless mouses or joysticks, watches capable of transmitting data, and other transmitters unless otherwise noted in these guidelines.

    Guidelines for permissible devices: any transmission using personal communications devices (including cell phones in GAME or AIRPLANE mode) is prohibited once the forward-entry door is closed. Flight Attendants will advise Customers when the doors are closed. All devices must be properly stowed while their operation is prohibited.

    While the forward-entry door is open, these devices may be turned on and operated: cellular/mobile phones, pagers/two-way pagers, AM/FM radio receivers, and television receivers.

    When indicated by Flight Attendant announcements, during the cruise phase of flight these devices may be operated: DVD, CD, and tape players, personal digital assistants (PDAs or hand-held computers), electronic calculators, hand held electronic games, electronic cameras, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers, and devices that compose e-mail or text messages without transmitting or receiving.

    Following the Flight Attendant announcement after landing, these devices may be turned on and operated: cellular/mobile phones and pagers/two-way pagers
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    That doesn't sound good. I have not had any problems with American or Continental. I had heard of others having trouble with SWA in the past. I was hoping that enough time has gone by that they are familiar with the device now and can tell when the radio is off. I guess I'll see.

    Thanks for the replies,

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    I was on an SWA flight about a year ago and when they are giving pre-flight instructions they specifically mention cell phones with games and PDA phones as NOT being allowed to be used on the plane, even if they're in "airplane" mode. That was a year ago, though.
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    had no problems using my treo on a few swa flights in the last few weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uhhhmenono
    had no problems using my treo on a few swa flights in the last few weeks.
    Thanks, I hope that continues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    Thanks, I hope that continues.
    Ditto. I'll likely use mine at least for the MP3 on my next trip. I hope to have the same experience as you.
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    They still make that announcement (as of a month ago at least) and I had to sort of hide my antenna and my treo while watching a movie on it on SWA about a month back. Stupid stupid policy.
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    I turn on ptunes when they arent lookina and put phone in my pocket.
    phone is off of course but better sneaky than to be told NO.
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    I usually watch movies. I may have to stay with mp3's this time.
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    I got hit on a recent Delta flight from ATL to AUS. The funny thing is nobody seemed to mind on the MCO to ATL leg. I needed to study my FAR/AIM anyway. Although I was hoping the flight attendant would come back by.
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    Yep. I was on a Southwest flight just today and the stewardess said no cell phones and shw specifically said PDA cellphones as well. That's why I have an Archos Gmini 400 and my Bose QuietComfort II headphones. Sweet relief from you annoying Treo ownere whining to the not-so-sexy stews about how your Treo's phone is turned off!
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    Someone posted a thread that has a fake southwest airlines safe mode screen that is pretty cool. Searched all the airline threads and could never find it again but its on my phone. Someone else was looking for it the other day. I actually used the official looking screen on a trip to Chicago and the dumb asses bought it.
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    I've used my Treo 600 on the following:
    Aloha Air
    Hawaiian Air

    No problems with any of them.
    -Craig J.

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    I was recently on American and used mine to read sevearl e-books.. Other than having a drained battery and NO car charger (I accidently packed my wall charger in my suitcase and couldn't charge during the layover), I had no problems....

    And now that I have TCPMP, I'm hoping I won't have problems when I go to Florida in a few months.. On American again..

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    I flew yesterday on SWA and had no problems. I was on three different flights during the day. Their magazine now says that cell phones in "game" or "airplane" mode is okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    I flew yesterday on SWA and had no problems. I was on three different flights during the day. Their magazine now says that cell phones in "game" or "airplane" mode is okay.
    Looks like someone from SWA has been reading Treocentral

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