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    My screen gets a bright flare in the center when turned on and then becames a faded whitish area in the center the size of a dime.
    Any help on what to do? thank you
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    If it's under warrenty I would get it replaced. PalmOne has a one year warrenty, or you you could replace it via insurance with your wireless provider if they offer it and you are subscribed to it.

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    As a matter of fact, I was just looking at the Palm One customer service page today.

    I'm having a problem with my screen also. Admittedly it was dropped a "few" times. The case unsnapped while I was walking & *crash*. My phone works, but I get lines through the screen, as well as buzzing on the phone sometimes. The screen blacks out, and I have to tap it repeatedly, sometimes hard, to get it to come on. BTW, I don't plan on telling them it was dropped.

    I was a bit worried about having it "repaired". Figured they would tell me no way and charge me $25 for it not being fixable. Or if they do fix it, I have to send them my phone first and might get a refurbished one in return? *shudders at the thought of having to use an old ugly cell phone in the interim*
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    One of my friends got the same problem with his 600. does treo 650 get the same problem?


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