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    Does the Treo 600 (or other model) have a built in answering machine? Can you set it to answer a call after a certain number of rings and the message is saved on the phone not the network (in other words the phone records the message not the network) so you do not have to phone the networks voice mail to get the message?
    I cannot seem to find a clear answer to this.
    I know that the networks have been encouraging phone manufactures to disable this feature so that they can make money from you having to call the network to get your messages.
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    they dont have built in answering machines.

    who is your carrier?
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    This is almost unbelieveable. I have an aging motorola timeport 250 that ha this feature and I have been unable to buy a new phone or PDA/Phone because no one makes mobiles that have built in answerphones anymore, i thought that as the treo was so powerful it would have this feature but aparently not. Very disapointing.

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