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    I was reading through one of the Treo700 rumor/speculation threads, and members started listing what they felt would need to be offered for them to upgrade.

    Two of features wanted made me think about a possible problem.

    The first more common feature request is the new Cobalt OS. If memory serves, this new Palm OS allows you to keep applications running in the background instead of closing them. The other request by one user was the ability to handle flash files.

    This started me thinking. Would the combination of these features cause Treo users to have issues with popup windows and advertisements. Will this open up our phones to data harvesting (a webpage opening up our contact files giving them name, address, phone, email, etc...)

    This might be a non issue using Sprint, Verizon, Cingular data services (going through their proxies), but wifi would bypass any security that might offer.
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    The fact is that the current v5 release (and certainly earlier ones) allows for background applications. Some of the most popular ones run this way. I don't recall any web browsers that do... so your question about trojans is an interesting one. But one would think that Trojans would be a concern *already* since if you access a page with malicious code that has access to the device, then this wouldn't need to wait until it was running in the background.

    I'm not aware of any such breach on PalmOS.

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