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    I went to dinner last night with some friends, and received a call around 8:40 from a friend.

    We walked out to the parking lot around 9, and I sat in my friend's new truck that he was showing me.

    I got into my car and went straight to a friend's house for a party.

    Around midnight, I noticed that my phone wasn't in my pocket. It wasn't in my car either.

    I tried calling it (even though it was left on vibrate) to assist me in finding it.

    Checked at my friend's house, in my car, back to the restaurant, and my friend checked his truck.

    No luck.

    I called Sprint, and the best they could tell me is the last time it was in use was at 8:40 last night (when my friend called me). This leads me to believe that it hasn't been stolen, or they would have made calls on it...right?

    I know that I can have Sprint de-activate the phone, but then it will make it that much harder for me to find if it is only lost.

    Any input?
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    Check under your car seats. Found 2 lost phones that way (1 after 6 months).

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