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    My first treo, hence the question.

    When I first received my treo ( in March ) the keyboard was rock solid, I couldn't jiggle the keys at all.

    Now, I can shift the entire keyboard by moving a finger up and down on a key. The left side is considerably more loose than the right side, it actually makes a clicking sound when I move it up and then down ( clicks on its way down ).

    Like I said the left side is much worse, the 'q' key is extremely loose, I can jiggle it by barely touching it. The 'a' and 'alt' key or whatever that is, are also very loose.

    Is this normal wear and tear, something I should have to live with? Would it be wrong of me to want a solid keyboard for atleast as long as my warranty?

    Thanks for your input
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    Mine is solid after 6 months. . . .

    Sounds like you have a screw loose (one that holds the keyboard down) if there is such a one. I would certainly call or return to the store and discuss it at least. Probably, will only get worse.

    Cheers, Perry
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    If yours is solid after 6 months I'm thinking I owe a call to palm. I probably would have already dropped by the store I purchased it at, had I bought it from I store. It's unbranded, which means I'll have to go through the fun process of having another shipped to me.
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    Good Luck!
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    I think your entitled to a unit as good as when you bought it. Others may choose not to send it in/replace it because of the hassle. I wouldnt feel bad if it was different and I wanted it to feel the same.
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    Mine is now doing this... after my failed attempt at trying to fit that $20 bill behind the battery door.

    Woe is me.

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    well, this has turned out to be a nightmare for me...imo palm has major QC issues going on.

    Back in March the 1st treo I received crashed when doing anything data intensive and sometimes when rexeiving calls. My replacement was great until months later when the keyboard starting falling apart. They sent another one (after a $25 charge) and it too has a loose keyboard. So they sent another one and the stylus doesn't stay put, I can't walk with the phone in my hand without it falling out. So now I have to call to get my 3rd replacement ( 5th total).

    Also, when this first happened I pretty much got into a shouting argument with the tech (who I could barely understand, no exaggeration) because she was insisting we go through a hard reset as troubleshooting (ya, because a hard reset is going to magically fix my keys)...bah, anyway, still have to call to get this one replaced.

    Good luck with getting a working replacement
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